When most moms and dads take their children to acrobatics, they are applauding from the sidelines. Not Nicole Clemens. This mom enjoyed enjoying her 14-year old daughter discover tumbling, however didn’t want her to have all the fun, particularly when Clemens herself had actually constantly intended to find out to fly. So while her daughter found out, so did she. Currently, Clemens, has actually shared a video clip recording her success in refining her very own round-off back layout as well as it is the best inspirational tool.

Clemens posted a video of herself and her outstanding toppling on Twitter, which, was caught on electronic camera by her child. While tossing herself head over heels down a gymnastics floor covering was a brave move, so was sharing the video clip, which Clemens acknowledged in her caption, “In the spirit of being freaking proud of myself as well as additionally understanding I’m concerning to be fat shamed online, I provide to you me, a 38 year old mama as well as teacher, doing a point I was terrified to do when I was a 14 year old gymnast.”

In the spirit of being freaking happy with myself as well as likewise knowing I will be fat reproached on the web, I offer to you me, a 38 years of age mother and also instructor, doing a point I was worried to do when I was a 14 years of age gymnast. Following week: add a complete (and straighten my legs) pic.twitter.com/4YpFRArgtd

— Nicole Clemens (@Nicolemens) February 18, 2020

While Clemens was concerned concerning being “fat reproached” by unfamiliar people on the net, essentially, Twitter developed into an online cheering area for her as well as excited to see a person deal with a fear and live their desire. People throughout the social networks website praised Clemens for her impressive ability to throw herself with the air on her own power.

Well done! pic.twitter.com/J8JIkktpuA– Renzo (@JohnRenzetti) February 18, 2020

Fantastic!! pic.twitter.com/mQybPjBxK0– Morgan Raven (@morgan313) February 19, 2020

Lady I could not do that at 12, 22,44, or whatever age!! Congratulations !! pic.twitter.com/pVRnFXD9mR– Rosanne(@RosanneR429)February

19, 2020 Fat shamed?! Chile, please … pic.twitter.com/cpY7ZwnKUC– Twin & Her Hubs! ✌ ✊(@CLE_SHONUFF)February 19, 2020 Overall props to you !!! Pursuing our dreams and working hard for them & is what matters, not what you put on, what dimension you use or any various other surface thing. You are inspiring.– Paige Carita(@carita_paige)February 18, 2020

This is outstanding. I have actually been seeing kids doing acrobatics and I’m super satisfied. I wish I had actually found out to fly with the air and relocate like a very heroine when I was a child.

Thanks for motivating us– it’s not far too late!!– Nicole DiDio Johnson(@NikkiDJohnson)

February 19, 2020< div data-provider="twitter "data-url="https://twitter.com/SassyCanadianCk/status/1229928130590203906"> Girl, I obtain weary walking DOWN stairs lol– SassyCanuckChick ❤ ❤(@SassyCanadianCk)February 19, 2020 Omg! You’re impressive. I’m in awe!!!– Ashley Nicole Black(@ashleyn1cole)February 19, 2020 Even Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette was impressed by Clemens smooth relocations, tweeting”That’s rad!!”and, without a doubt

, it is. That’s rad!! Well done!– Patricia Arquette(@PattyArquette)February 18, 2020