“Male, Sub-creator, the refracted light with whom is splintered from a single White to many shades, and constantly combined in living shapes that relocate from mind to mind.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Weekly Image Difficulty: Refraction. Reflection. Illumination City– Xmas Tree Lights

Weekly Photo Difficulty: Refraction. Reflection. Illumination City– Rainbow

Weekly Image Obstacle: Refraction. Representation. Illumination City– Terminal Lights

Weekly Picture Obstacle: Refraction & & Representation = Lighting City

Light lights up; it makes manifest things we do not see. Until we turn the lights on, we do not see points in all their glory. This image challenge on– REFRACTION— made me quit, ponder the meaning of the word, and investigate it so I can recognize it much better. It was a bit abstract for me and finding appropriate words, images as well as quotes was challenging. So I did some research on its significance as well as effect.

What the heck is refraction?
According to information I gathered online from a course at Vermont State Colleges(vsc), Refraction can be defined as the bending of light as it passes from one medium to an additional with different thickness. Refracted light creates a selection of patterns, reflections as well as refractions. Because I was interested to get more information, I took a look at the vsc training course to learn the numerous means we see the optical impacts of refracted light: Refraction creates adjustments in Sunup, Sunset, Golden, Inferior Mirages, Superior Mirage, Halo, Tangent/Bright Arcs of light, Sunlight Dogs, Rainbows, Dewdrops/Raindrops, Main Rainbow, Secondary Rainbow, Diffraction, Moon Corona, and Iridescence and Magnificence. That understood?

Weekly Picture Challenge: Refraction. Reflection. Lighting City– Sundown

Weekly Picture Challenge: Refraction. Reflection. Illumination City– Hudson River Sundown

Who recognized that the apparently easy act of bending light might lead to all these ranges of optical results. Ha! I bet you thought you were involving take a look at a number of images. Right? This is why I enjoy the picture challenges; they challenge us to find out more regarding our environments, to come to be acutely aware of things we see and take for provided, and to come to be aware of the one-of-a-kind beauty of things around us that we see and also like. My favorite one from the list were Rainbows which are based on the vsc site: “created via refraction and also representation of light in small rain drops; sun needs to lag you; rain decreases have to lead you; the angle between your line-of-sight and also the sunlight will be 40 ° -42.” Stunning!


“Do not Bodies as well as Light act equally upon one an additional; that is to claim, Bodies upon Light in producing, showing, refracting as well as inflecting it, and also Light upon Bodies for warming them, and also putting their components into a vibrating activity in which warm consists?” Sir Isaac Newton

Weekly Image Obstacle: Refraction. Reflection. Lighting City– Stairwell

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction. Representation. Lighting City– Fountain Lights

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction. Representation. Illumination City– Moon meets fading Sunlight?Where is your refracted light? As I stated earlier, this photo challenge was a bit abstract for me and also finding suitable words, pictures as well as quotes was challenging. I took a look at what my fellow blog owners were sharing(all remarkable ), and also it assisted clarify it a bit. I saw some incredible ones on the net also as well as wished I can do as well. Light illuminates, makes manifest points we don’t see. Until we turn lights on, we do not see things in all their splendor. Refraction takes the same light as well as flexes it through various other tools. glass, water, as well as whatever else … What an enlightening concept. Did you understand this currently? This article was influenced by a Daily Message Prompt: Weekly Photo Obstacle:

Refraction For this picture difficulty, show us what” refraction”indicates to you. Maybe a photo absorbed a reflective surface, it can be light bent from behind an item, or it could suggest remedial mathematics research: the choice is totally as much as you. I’m eagerly anticipating seeing how you translate”refraction. “Favorable Motivation Tip: Light seeps with as well as around everything. Nothing is kept back. It reflects, refracts and also lights up. Where are your rainbows? Utilize them to push via and also radiate. PICTURE CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photos: from my Personal Collection. Up Until Following Time … Ask. Believe. Get. © Elizabeth Obih-Frank

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