Who knew getting rid of your personal belongings could feel so revitalizing? If you need a little motivational kick start a spring cleaning session, look no further than this desk transformation, courtesy of designer . The Texas-based blogger recently decluttered her home office and discovered an unexpected perk of tidying uo: She made over $2000 by selling unwanted items.   

“It can be so much more motivating to declutter when you realize how much you can make from reselling,“ says Nickerson, who used mostly Facebook Marketplace to cash in on her clutter.

If your own desk could use a little TLC, keep reading to see how Nickerson spruced up her space.

Courtesy of Jessica Nickerson
Courtesy of Jessica Nickerson

Stick to a scheme

Nickerson recommends starting with a clear color palette to make a room look more cohesive. Think about the colors you love to surround yourself with, and go from there. “ is my favorite color! I’m just drawn to it, so it stayed,” shares the designer.

Don’t wait to declutter all at once

Decluttering can feel overwhelming when done infrequently. Instead, try to break it down into multiple small tidying sessions. “I’m constantly editing what I have. If I don’t enjoy looking at it while dusting it, then I ask myself why I’m wasting time and energy on it, ” says Nickerson.

Eliminate distractions

“Whenever there are fewer things to distract you and pull your attention, you can be more productive,” explains Nickerson. Make a list of everything you’d classify as a necessity, then pare back by removing unnecessary decorative items.

Don’t throw away your unwanted items

Think twice before tossing unwanted books, furniture, or decor. Instead, Nickerson recommends selling the item online or donating it. “If the profit from the item is not worth my time to list, it’s easier to donate,” she says. You never know who will love them: After all, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. 

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