The Actual Antidote to Enduring As I stated briefly before, the technique of religious beliefs, spirituality or Dharma– whatever you call it– has to be a technique that entirely damages all suffering, a method that can bring concerning the total cessation of suffering, and not simply temporarily.For instance, the basic, everyday sufferings that individuals as well as also pets identify as suffering– fever, frustrations, other kinds of discomfort– can be briefly quit by even outside points, such as medicine, without the requirement of Dharma, or religion. So, if that were all we can do, there ‘d be no purpose for religion to exist.However, spiritual activity must go to completely ceasing the connection of suffering, which depends upon completely eliminating the origin of all the billions of sufferings that exist– ignorance and also all the other deceptions that spring from the root of ignorance.So real tranquility– long lasting joy, genuine flexibility– is received whenever we totally stop the origin of suffering: lack of knowledge as well as the various other delusions. To put it simply, cessation of ignorance,

attachment and also anger is real freedom, real tranquility– the tranquility that never alters; the tranquility that once got can never transform, is everlasting.Why is it difficult for real peace to transform, or vanish? Why can we never ever boil down from that? Why is it impossible to fall from true peace back right into suffering? That is because when we’ve acquired long lasting happiness there’s no longer any cause to make us once again obtain caught up in the bondage of suffering.Why is that we enjoy one day yet unfortunate the following? For example, eventually we receive some great information or find ourselves in a beautiful, desirable place or receive a good present or meet an unique close friend and also as a result really feel exceptionally delighted– so satisfied that we almost don’t understand what to do with ourselves, so satisfied that we can also do crazy

points that threaten our life– but then after a while, a day or 2, that happiness we got by fulfilling specific conditions goes away, does not last.When we meet a preferable pal, eat tasty food or place on elegant garments, at first we feel satisfied however that joy does not last. Why does the initial happiness we experienced by satisfying particular problems not last? What makes it transform? Why do we get tired of sense enjoyments rather than constantly experiencing satisfaction, sensation happiness?That is generally since our mind is not cost-free from the origin of suffering. Why? Because our mind is under the control of ignorance, attachment, anger and also the other misconceptions, the enjoyment we receive by meeting certain conditions adjustments, does not last. From the Dharma point of sight, the sensations that we identify as satisfaction are taken into consideration to be just samsaric satisfaction– as certain heavy temporal sufferings reduce, just that decline itself

is identified pleasure.For instance, if you are bring a heavy lots on your back and after some time obtain worn out, that’s a type of suffering. Believing that the heavy lots is causing you to feel worn out, you placed it down. At that moment you really feel light and the suffering you were experiencing reduces a little; it doesn’t totally disappear, however it lowers a bit. We label that small reduction of suffering”pleasure”; we call that feeling of less suffering that the uncontrolled mind and body experience”satisfaction.” Although that satisfaction is felt quite strongly at first, it doesn’t last.Similarly, a person who has actually been resting cross-legged for a while begins to obtain pain in his back and also legs and also assumes it might be much better to stand up. When he stands, since of that modification in the problems, the pain he felt while sitting diminishes and also he assumes, “This is enjoyment.” But, believing that standing is pleasure, if he tries to continue to be standing all day and evening, or perhaps for simply a hr or more, he burns out. Again, the enjoyment he felt at first does not last; it alters. At first, resting came to be a trouble; he stood to eliminate it; however then standing became a problem so he believed that he needs to take a seat once again to ease it.So, these are simply a pair of instances, but our life has plenty of comparable ones. We always try to change.” Possibly this is better, “so we attempt something else. Yet then we obtain burnt out keeping that; an additional trouble occurs. Once more we change,”perhaps that is much better. ” We transform individuals:” Perhaps I’ll like him, possibly I’ll like her, maybe I should live with him, possibly I should wed her … “We’re constantly transforming food, apparel as well as other items of the senses.All this proves that there’s something wrong with our body and mind, that our mind and body are the root of our suffering.So what is the error we make? Why is it that despite how much we take pleasure in the satisfaction of the detects, there’s no end? Regardless of just how much we experience sense enjoyments, there’s nothing to finish, nothing to finish. We experience one point, it finishes; we attempt another thing, that finishes also; we have an additional experience, that doesn’t last either … We try and try once more which’s what we’ve been doing from the time we were birthed until now. And also not just in this life– because beginningless time, we’ve been experiencing one temporal, samsaric pleasure after another, chasing after experiences that are not true

pleasure and always modification and finish, and we’re still not satisfied. The effort that we’ve had to place in to acquire these satisfaction of the detects, once more and again, by trying different approaches, this as well has not finished because beginningless time; this work is also unfinished.So what triggers these pleasures not to last and also for us to have to seek one enjoyment after an additional, continuously applying initiative as well as experiencing the suffering as well as misery of diminishing satisfaction? Why does this occur? The reason we are in this scenario of discontentment and suffering is that our mind is under the control of misconception and karma.What is karma? Karma is action created by delusion. Since our mind is under the

control of misconception as well as fate, our body is likewise under the control of misconception and karma; as long as our mind is not cost-free, our body is not totally free either. Genuine flexibility is the mind’s being entirely free of misconception and karma, as well as when the mind is free from the chains of deception and karma, the body, which is the house of the mind, also ends up being cost-free from the chains of delusion and also fate. When the mind and body are both without suffering, the chains of misconception and also fate, back then, whatever various bodies the mind takes, those bodies don’t experience sufferings such as rebirth, ailment, pain, aging and death.For instance, currently, whenever we fulfill an unfavorable object of the senses, we endure: when it’s raining or snowing and also we do not have sufficient clothes or a heater, we feel cool as well as endure; when it’s warm and also we don’t have air conditioning, once again, we suffer. It resembles this with our various other detects. With respect to our taste, when we come across food that we do not such as, we’re unhappy and endure. With our feeling of hearing: when we listen to bad information or some other audio we do not such as, once more, we’re unhappy as well as experience. It’s the exact same with our senses of view and also touch: whenever they call unfavorable items, we endure. When we sit for a couple of minutes with crossed legs, they harm. All the time, constantly, we’re experiencing one issue or one more. All the time, as we meet the different feeling objects, we experience all kinds of various problems.Just take a look at our body: there’s not one small part– not even the dimension of a pore or the tip of a needle– that does not really feel pain, that’s not in the nature of suffering. When thorns, needles and the like touch our body, also though they’re so fine-pointed, so small, we feel great discomfort. Even though the exterior problems are so little, practically nothing, the pain we experience is incredible.This plainly shows that our mind is not totally free, that it’s staying in suffering, and as a result of that, our body is likewise living in suffering. Why are our body and mind living in suffering? Because they are bound by misconception as well as fate, regulated by deception as well as karma.When we achieve nirvana– full freedom, cessation of the chains of misconception as well as fate– no sense item can trigger us issues or distress. Also if hundreds of atomic bombs were to be dropped, they could not bring worry or experiencing to any kind of living being whose mind had gotten to that degree, total freedom from misconception and karma.The teachings separate the sufferings of beings living under the control of misconception and fate right into 3: pervasive, or all-embracing, experiencing; changeable suffering, which means temporal enjoyments, which are

not genuine, true happiness; and also suffering of suffering, the hefty, gross sufferings that also animals recognize as suffering.Why is pervasive suffering called pervasive, or all-embracing? It’s since not just are our feeling, discrimination, compositional variables and consciousness under the control of delusion as well as karma yet additionally there’s not one single little part of our body that’s without deception as well as karma. Since our whole body is under

the control of deception as well as karma, that kind of suffering is called prevalent. Since our whole body is under the control of misconception and also fate, we find issues everywhere. As long as our body and mind are living in prevalent suffering, managed by delusion and karma, all the various other various sorts of experiencing emerge frequently, continuously, one after the other.So basically, it resembles this: all enduring results from impure, or negative, activities; impure, adverse activities are created by the unclean, or adverse, mind, that is, the deceptions. All happiness arises from virtuous, or positive, actions; virtuous, favorable activities are produced by

the virtuous, or favorable, mind. The advancement of joy, where joy comes from, and the development of suffering, where suffering comes from, are entirely different. Joy and suffering emerge in totally various ways.Since we prefer joy as well as do not wish suffering yet are staying in suffering, it is extremely important for us to understand this development. Simple intellectual understanding is not sufficient. To actually stop the continual experience of suffering– in today and also into the future– and also to continually experience happiness, intellectual understanding is inadequate. We need to act; we have to make an effort.Seeing other individuals, meditators, with a pure mind developing great actions that result in happiness as well as believing and also expecting that via their initiative we can likewise experience happiness is incorrect. Thinking “I do not have to do anything; I can experience happiness, the excellent outcome produced by other individuals’s favorable actions”is incorrect. Without making an initiative ourselves, without transforming our mind, without making our mind virtuous, positive, and on that basis producing activities, there’s no chance we can experience any type of happiness– short-term or long lasting. Without private initiative there’s no way to experience any kind of sort of joy. This type of mistaken belief resembles a hungry person anticipating to really feel full after his close friends have eaten.However, the bottom line I wish to emphasize is that we need to act right now. If we do, if with wisdom we transform our mind, make our inspiration favorable, virtuous, then although our existing activity could be being developed by the toxic mind, the delusions, the source of suffering, right now that existing action ends up being positive, virtuous.

Simply put, to utilize the Sanskrit term, it become great fate, which brings only happiness.