Patrick Mahomes has not been himself in 2021 and many cannot seem to explain what is so different.

Days after the worst statistical game of his NFL career, Patrick Mahomes said he got up in front of his Kansas City Chiefs teammates and told them their offensive struggles were his fault.

“You can just watch the tape and know that I need to play better in order to have success,” Mahomes said Thursday after his career-low 6.0 QBR in last week’s game against the Tennessee Titans. “There were plays where guys were open. There were plays where we had matchups down the field that I didn’t hit that I usually would give those guys opportunities to make plays.

“I’ve said something to them that I’ve got to be better. At the same time, they have that mindset that they’re going to try to build me up. It’s a thing where you’re not going to play your best game every single game, and that’s when you have to rely on your other guys to kind of step up and make plays for you.”

Despite his woes and words, many think something deeper is going on which is why people are concerned about his mental health because of some resurfaced TikTok videos from the summer that show him looking down while

Ride or die

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— BLACK ADAM SCHEFTER (@B1ackSchefter) October 26, 2021

I pray for Patrick Mahomes’ mental health

— BUTTAH 🇬🇾 (@_ItsNotBUTTAH) October 29, 2021

They always make sure to catch Mahomes in these TikToks lookin miserable 😭😭 At least get my man out of the shot

— Jordan Kaplan (@JKap415) October 29, 2021

I really hope Patrick Mahomes is miserable. I really hope his brother and that white lady are making him question his existence daily

— dame 🗿 (@DameDeadAF) October 29, 2021

Patrick Mahomes looks miserable. He is trapped forever and ever and ever.

— The Honorable President Mike Anderson 🇺🇸 (@m_anderson2015) October 29, 2021

I’m actually starting to feel bad for Patrick Mahomes. Dude looks miserable

— Kyler Johnson (@kylerjohnson33) October 29, 2021

Morning thoughts: do we really think Patrick Mahomes is miserable?

— Kylie Manning (@thekyliemanning) October 29, 2021

@PatrickMahomes do it for your mental health buddy

— jake (@swineflu_7) October 29, 2021

I feel so bad for mahomes after this

— alcohlic bengals fan (@SadBengalsFan69) October 29, 2021

The more you watch @brittanylynne8 and @jacksonmahomes the more you understand why Aaron Rodgers doesn’t talk to his family. Man these two are ruining Patrick Mahomes for their own personal gain. Sad really.

— Marc Hartman (@MarcHartman1) October 29, 2021

Patrick Mahomes family is exactly how the future will look. And that’s really sad.

— diversity follow (@fancytomboy) October 29, 2021

Mahomes has thrown at least one interception in each of the past six games. He has nine this season, compared to six all of last year.