Here’s a way to add Latin or southwestern style to your standard gingerbread house kit – add in Mexican candies! That’s what we did and it really gave this casa mucho personality. The end result is a gingerbread adobe-inspired house. You can take it as far as you want, a little or a lot. Here’s how Jeshua created this!

Start with a regular gingerbread house kit. You’ll be using a lot of what is in there!

Load up on the candies. Look at them from a design perspective to see how you can fit them in as decorations.

Put the house together and let the icing set.

Start with the roof. Use the icing from the kit to line it with Hot Tamales. Use the little balls in the kit along the ridges.

He used the green area from Baderitas de coco to make cute saguaro cactuses!

The white areas of the coconut worked for the windows, and the entire candy for the front door. The Hot Tamales were cut in half and placed along the top to look like logs protruding out.

I just can’t. This is so cute!

It looks so nice with all the other holiday decor!

Thank you, Jeshua!

Food and recipes, Jeshua Viveiros of IAmJeshaV.

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