Last week I posted my inspiration for the patio makeover assignment from Latina Blogger Connect and Pier 1 Imports. I have to admit, it is one of my favorites this year. The idea was to create an outdoor oasis using our picks from Pier 1.

NOTE: Read through to see about a $50 Pier 1 gift card giveaway!

After looking for inspiration and deciding my theme (Mexi-Boho) – click here to see all my findings, I went shopping!

Next I had to address the current state of my back patio. Ugh. Pretty unloved, decor wise.

That was about to change! The first thing I needed to do was set the tone, I bought a roll of reed fencing that I secured to the wall behind the swing. Because the swing was already painted bright red (I did that as soon as we bought the house 15+ years ago), I had a starting point to tie in all the cool items I scored at Pier 1.

I found a little end table in my house and covered it with sequin fabric, a placemat, a gold leaf pot I made – and these Jeweled Mercury Votive Holders.

I couldn’t find a solid way to hang things on the reed wall backing, so I made use of the beam in the front of the space to hang items. I thought this would bring your eye front and center. I used these two Bohemian Mercury Hanging Lanterns and this Red Heart Windchime. I love the way the red and green go together. Red and green is my favorite color combo, you know!

I like how the lantern is blue and green, and it looks great against my purple framework! These lanterns fit perfectly in the space for the vibe I was going for!

I used up every last cent of my gift card with a handful of these. I used tacky glue to add hanging wire to the back of each one so I could use them to fill space and add a pop of sparkle.

To beef up the side area, I gathered some large and small plants and grouped them together. I also added this awesome wall art. It’s called Kaleidoscope II Art, but it reminds me of Mexican tile work!

When it comes to Pier 1, you can never have to many candles or candle lanterns!

I also picked up one of these Color Sunburst Hanging Floor Lanterns. I like this because I can remove the lanterns and use them some place else and use the stand to hold other items. I wish I would have seen this stand, I would have picked it up too!

The main focal point of this area is the swing! I waned to make it comfy as well as colorful. I picked up a Whimsical Garden Settee Cushion. It’s made from weatherproof fabric and comes with a different design on each side. Stripes or flowers. I went with the stripes.

I also found this beautiful Peacock Pillow! I used it as the center focus of some pillows I made in my studio. I love that the yellow is so vibrant and bright!

Here is an overview of the completed look! Our family so so happy! It came out just the way we wanted. Here are some tips:

– Definitely look for inspiration before you start shopping. This really helped me a lot. I knew the look I was going for before I even got in the store.
– Make sure to include neutrals to offset all the color.
– To give it a “Mexi” flair, incorporate imports or artwork.
– You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Look for items that are on sale and see how you can use them to fill a space.
– Look around your house for stepstools and odds and ends that you can use to prop items up.
– Use fabrics to line boring chairs, or paint.
– Pillows! Pillows are a great way to add a strong visual statement!
– Make sure comfort is a big factor. Have roomy places to sit, and make sure there is enough room to get in and out without knocking things over.

GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment below with your email and let me know what part of this makeover is your favorite. You have until 11:59 PT, Friday, May 30th. I’ll draw one name to win a $50 Pier 1 giftcard!

Special thanks to Latina Bloggers Connect and Pier 1 for inviting me to be a part of the wonderful campaign. I had a lot of fun and it really pushed me to “go there” with my outdoor oasis vision! This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pier 1 Imports and Latina Bloggers Connect, all experiences and opinions are my own.

Love & light,

38 Responses

  1. Diana says:

    Kathy, this is so cute and inspiring! Love it for summer fiestas!!

  2. Frances Montasir says:

    My favorite part is the end result; the space is so welcoming; I want to come and sit there; the balance of plants and key decorating items is great; I think the idea about being able to mutli-purpose the standing lantern is helpful; and the small mirrors are a great find; this space would be useful throughout the year!
    And I like the idea of using what you already have and adding some fun useful things to make it happen.

  3. Emily says:

    Love the patio! Inspires to me to work on my own house. Next up is my Dia de los Muertos inspired nursery.

  4. Leticia Alfaro says:

    I absolutely love this patio makeover. My favorite is the swing. It looks so inviting with all the pillows. Also, the colors are amazing!!

  5. Melisa de la Rosa says:

    I love your custom pillows! Loteria designs are a great idea!! 🙂

  6. Gloria says:

    Looks like a fun place to retreat. I am going to use those flower mirrors in my bedroom. I love the floor lantern. And the pillows.

  7. Sarah Escarcega says:

    I love all the coloful lanterns! They are perfect for adding color without going overboard.

  8. Monica says:

    You are always an inspiration! I love the little flower mirrors.

  9. Jan Webb says:

    Kathy, this design is fabulous. I can see the four of you having a great time in this inspired setting.

  10. lisa A says:

    I love the lanternew & the metal hanger is great option to use in other ways

  11. Lorie Harrison says:

    I love everything about this space, but I adore how simple and fun the little mini flower mirrors were used. Unexpected and delightful! Kathy you rock!!

  12. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love the Jeweled Mercury Votive Holders. They are simply gorgeous!

  13. Melanie Croskey says:

    I love the way you used the mini mirrors. We have all stood by that bowl of mirrors every time we checked out at Pier One, but never thought of grouping them like you did. The whole patio is Fantastico!

  14. Pamela says:

    So pretty! I especially love the pillows.

  15. Linda Gassaway says:

    I like the little mirrors. Not only colorful themselves but reflect bits of surrounding color all over. Am going to get some for my patio also.

  16. Frances says:

    I LOVE Pier One!!! Aside from my Dia De Cafecito mug, all my other favs are from Pier One. Your patio transformation is amazing, my favorite part is the combination of the colors and patterns of everything you’ve set up! Definitely nailed the mexi-boho feel!

  17. LisaRose Blanchette says:

    Like Melanie, I too, like the mini mirrors. They add visual interest and reflect light.

  18. Beatriz says:

    Love it! Hits the spot! I am going to try this to spice up my patio.

  19. Nellie Diaz says:

    Loving the cool arrangement and choices of pretty picturesque pillows on the little sofa. I don’t have tons of money right now because I took off a year from work to help my elderly parents move 800 miles back home closer to me and also to learn and create more art.. pillows are an easy way to add new spunk and life to my patio without putting holes in my pockets. I love the loteria pillow. The yellow one is my second favorite. Actually, the combo of all the pillows is what really makes them stand out so beautifully. Thanks for the great Mexi-flair ideas! ♥♡♥Go Kathy ! Dale gas! ♥♡♥

  20. Gina M says:

    I would love to add some colorful pillows and cushions to my outdoor furniture! I love Pier 1!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  21. John Hutchens says:

    My favorite part of the makeover is all the bright cheerful colors

  22. maree says:

    Finally a Decorator & Crafty Lady who get’s it, we are all on a budget these days and I love that you create for everyone, putting a little beauty in our worlds too.

  23. Bert says:

    I like the overall color combination and the Color Sunburst Hanging Floor Lanterns are pretty cool

  24. Deb moretti says:

    Love, love the assorted mini flower mirrors in a row.

  25. Tamlyn Barry says:

    The colors are wonderful…especially love the lanterns..

  26. Darlene says:

    My favorite part is all the bright and warm colors used in the makeover. I like the a Whimsical Garden Settee Cushion.

  27. Kathy Avila says:

    I love the vibrant colors on the swing! Color, color! I use colorful pillows all over my home, inside and out!

  28. ellen casper says:

    Love all the bright colored pillows,

  29. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like the Color Sunburst Hanging Floor Lanterns.

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