• 43.1 K shares Just How Counterfeit Lebanese Trip Operators Are Marketing Nigerians Girls Into Enslavement Overseas

    Last week, residents of the world with excellent principles were upset with a message a Lebanese named Wael Jerro posted on his Facebook wall surface, providing a Nigerian woman up for sale. The well worth of the Nigerian lady, that Jerro defined as “very active and also clean”, was placed at a paltry $1,000.

    “Residential worker from Nigeria to buy with brand-new lawful papers. She’s 30 years old; she’s extremely energetic and also spick-and-span. Price: 1000$,” Jerro had published.

    Concerned Nigerians threw away no time in attracting the interest of the Nigerian embassy in Lebanon in addition to Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa-led Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) to the plight of the girl determined as Peace Ufuoma Busari.

    The resultant pressure on the Lebanese federal government resulted in the apprehension of Jerro that had holed up after the furore produced by his message. The Lebanese authorities also promised to prosecute Jerro for criminal sale of a human being.

    A statement released by NIDCOM said:

    “The key, which the victim gotten in May 2018, showed that she hails from Ibadan, Oyo State. A full-blown search for the young Nigerian lady is recurring in Lebanon.

    “On Wednesday, April 22, 2020, the Lebanese Ministry of Work issued a circular condemning the action of Mr Wael Jerro as being totally underhanded and in contravention of Lebanese regulations as well as versus the concepts of human legal rights.

    “The round additional specified that legal activity would certainly be set up against him for human trafficking before a qualified judicial authority by the ministry, in line with its legal obligation.

    “The Nigerian Goal in Lebanon has additionally required an instant handover of the sufferer to the objective unconditionally as well as in good wellness.”

    The question on the lips of many Nigerians is why it is easy for dishonest agents to ferry Nigerians to Lebanon as well as various other nations where such ridiculous techniques are prospering.

    Giving an understanding into just how international agents from Lebanon and also various other countries ferryboat Nigerian girls abroad into servitude overseas, the President of the National Organization of Tour Operators (NATOP), Hajia Bilkisu Abdul, said:

    “You recognize that this is not the very first time that this kind of point is taking place. Both in my ability as NATOP Head of state as well as NATOP as a body, we have been able to reach the roots of this illegal and merciless organisation.

    “We tried to map just how these trips are packaged for the women, exactly how they get their tickets and so forth. My individual examinations show that many times, these uncertain foreign representatives that shackle our women in locations like Lebanon as well as Dubai (United Arab Emirates) have representatives below in Nigeria.

    “These agents are not bona fide trip operators. They approach their agents in Nigeria to obtain them ladies for domestic tasks in these countries.

    “The representatives would smooth talk some ignorant, unexposed ladies right into journeys abroad to function and also generate income.

    “Once they obtain women who want, they will send their names to their international companions after gathering cash from the girls.

    “The representatives in those nations are the ones who prepare their visa and pay for their tickets.

    “These girls would certainly start the journey without knowing what they would be encountering till they arrive.

    “On arriving, their tickets would certainly be seized as well as they would certainly be forced to work under inhuman conditions and also dealt with as slaves.

    “These agents are unreal tour operators and are not registered with us.

    “Nigerians need to be really cautious about such trips.

    “Parents likewise ought to be skeptical of enabling their children to go on such trips. It is very hazardous and could bring about death.”